03 April 2011

Joe, you're killing me...

One of the highest items on my "ToDo this life" list is suddenly within reach.

Joe has 5 positions open for Boomershoot and I'm not ready. I haven't been working on sighting in the rifle & working up the loads. And I don't think I can get ready in that time.

(To tell the truth, I'm even more interested in the Fri-Sat precision rifle clinic than the Boomershoot event itself.)

Ugggh... I WANNA GO!

Update: It's not just the gunnie stuff that's holding me back. Family responsibilities are also a major factor. Catching the clinic and Boomershoot means heading up on Thursday and home on Monday. That's three vacation days which is doable. However the rest of the family will want to come and three days out of school are a bigger problem (and I'd want the family close to help with spotting).

Also, there the "if you're to be in the neighborhood" factor. The route takes us within shouting distance of family a couple times over. So it would be rude to come so close and not connect for at least a meal. That means a couple more days off and again the SCSon is in school.

Update II... I haven't given up on this. The SandCastle Queen understands what this means to me. SandCastle Son wants to come but his grades are insufficient to skip a couple days of school. Perhaps this could be the incentive to get his act together. I haven't booked a position yet but the game is still in play.


Joe Huffman said...

You can attend the PRC on just Saturday if you want. You don't have to attend both days.

ExurbanKevin said...

Dang, for money, that is hard to beat! A hundred and fifty bucks for a day of 1-1 coaching with Joe and/or one of his trusted cohorts and a day of shooting the long range stuff?

That's not in the plans for this year (my sporterized M1903 ain't up to the task yet), but next year...