05 August 2011

August ePostal: "Top Shot"

Top Shot season 3 kicks off this coming Tuesday August 9th (History channel, 10/9C).

Here's your chance to see if you've got what it takes.  Last season challengers had to split a bullet on the blade of an ax.  You can relive Darryl Parker's shots here.

Here's our take on the challenge.  It will be a bit easier as the entire bullet width is usable.  a round nose bullet on a blade might not bite in enough to split the bullet.

The History Channel has offered up some Top Shot swag on the table for entrants.  Looks like they have both Red & Blue team T-shirts, a shot glass and a iPod case.  Winner(s) will be chosen by random lot so there is no incentive to "fudge" on the scores.   Winner(s) will be notified by email so make sure your e-addy is good.

Actually shooting the target to enter is not required and there is no entry fee.  Anyone wanting to enter for the drawing should download the target, fill in at least your name and email it to me.  Presumably the email will include an email address I can follow up with to get a mailing address should your entry be drawn.  Odds of winning depend on the number of prizes and number of entry.  Neither of these are known at this time but will be published when known.

Course of fire:
Download and print target here.

One target, 10 shots. 

Range: 7 yds or range minimum which ever is greater.  Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Update Revised scoring scheme:
Scoring is binary.  Either the shot cuts the line or it does not.  +1 for a hit, +0 for a miss.  Max score: 10, Min score: 0.
Cutting the line is a difficult shot.  The original scoring scheme reflected that.  On my first try I scored a couple of 1's.  The rest of the sand castle crew tried and scored goose eggs.  So here's the new scoring scheme:   Cutting the bullet on the blade the ax scores 4 (previously scored 1).  A hit completely within the ax scores 2 and a hit touching the ax scores 1.  Max score 40, min score 0.  I don't want to discourage "low scoring" entries.

It is still a difficult target, but the new scoring scheme should produce more "partial credit". Sorry for changing the rules mid stream, all I can say is "my bad" and better to change mid stream than push a bad position.

Ties will be broken by distance.  The longer distance takes the place (7yds < 7 M < 25ft < 10 yds < 10M < 11 yds).

Enter as many times as you like with as many weapons as you can lay your grubby hands on. 

Classes:  You got it? shoot it and we'll find a place to record the score. (I reserve the right to draw the line at tater-guns & scatter guns).  Obviously wider bullets have an advantage but you can shoot it with anything you own or can legitimately beg, borrow or steal.
  1. .177 cal air pistol, iron sights (air or C02 powered)
  2. .177 cal air pistol, optic sights (air or C02 powered)
  3. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, iron sights
  4. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, magnified optical sights
  5. center fire pistol, iron sights
  6. center fire pistol, magnified optic sights
  7. Misc.  If it doesn't fit above, tell me how you shot it and we'll record it here.
  8. Null entry (for people that want to enter without shooting)
Score submissions: scan or photograph your target, fill in the gun info (make & model & caliber), distance, class, on-line identity (name/pseudonym as you want it on the score sheets, blog reference for linky love ) however you want to be remembered on the score sheets... email to SandCastleScrolls-at-msn-dot-com.

Post Scripts (the fine print):
Thank you to the History Channel for putting up the prizes.

FTC disclaimer:  I have not been, nor do I expect any actual money to change hands in exchange for running contest.  Mr. C had a hole in the schedule and I wanted to run this tie-in.  Win-win.  The History Channel has suggested some trinkets might be in my future, but nothing as of yet.

As always, your electronic information will be kept confidential.  I will not add you to any mailing lists.  If necessary to send out prizes, information may be shared with the History Channel.

If you've never shot before and want to give shooting a try, drop me a line with your general area (city & state).  Many gun bloggers are open to taking first timers out and I will try to refer your to someone close by.  No Guarantees, but we'll try.

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