31 August 2011

Top Shot ePostal extended...

through the 3 day weekend.  After careful coordination with TrueBlueSam we are proud to announce the second Two-fer weekend.  When you hit the range this weekend (and you know you will), take along targets for both the August "Top Shot" ePostal and September's "Trying in Vane".  10 shots on either target.  The Top Shot ePostal favors large calibers while Trying  in Vane favors small calibers. I love the contrast!

I need all entries for the August match by noon Tuesday September 6th.  If you get home too late on the 5th, send them in first thing Tuesday AM.

Here is likely my best target and I am happy as a clam.  If you looked outside, you might have seen me dancing in the streets!  Shot with the new-to-me S&W 629 which I am still getting used to.  It's been kicking severe left with the 240 gr Pb SWC bullets at just under 1500 fps.  But the two hits on the line were the first two shot of the 10 shot string.  I apparently changed what was working, probably because "it hurt to shoot it that way" and reverted to severe left.   Still I'm happy as a clam with my two hits plus a liner!

Recall in addition to the normal bragging rights on the line, the History Channel has some Top Shot swag on the the line (winners chosen by random lot).  You don't even have to shoot the match to enter.  Just send me an scan/picture/image of the target with your name on it and you will be entered in the drawing.

Match winners and History Channel prize winners will be announced by the end of the week.

BTW, I already have an entry from Bea who is recovering from surgery, so I don't want to hear any "my dog ate my homework" excuses!  Lets get those entries in to Sand Castle Scrolls at msn dot com.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

1500 fps?! Wow, that's a load for elk and griz! I find my hot loads tend to sit for a long time in an ammo can, and I do most of my shooting with slightly less than magnum rounds. Whitetails can't tell the difference at 50 yards.

I will be bringing a stack of targets for September to GBR, so everyone can be a cowboy. My little brother says it was Dean Martin in Bandolero, so I will have to check that out and see it that is correct.

danno said...

"Wow, that's a load for elk and griz"

Well I'm not too concerned about elk, but bear, I emphatically answer YES! That's exactly why I acquired the .44? If I encounter a bear I don't want to RELY on "HEY BEAR HEY BEAR GO AWAY" or getting within contact distance to punch said bear in the nose http://juneauempire.com/local/2011-08-30/woman-punches-bear-save-her-dog

BTW, my chrono database shows three entries for this load:
1445, 1476 & 1413 fps. IIRC the chrono took a hit* during this string which limited the data acquisition.

But yes, BEAR is the design parameter. I have the tool, now it's up to me to get comfortable with it. While it's still "new" to me, it comes to the range with me every trip if I have ammo in stock. Dry firing isn't going to get me comfortable with the beast!

* the chrono itself was unscathed, but a couple of the sun shield legs took critical hits, the left side of course.

Anonymous said...

I would study my trigger pull in the matter of shooting left. You may be tensing and pushing the gun left at the moment of truth.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Gotta learn to love the recoil!!!
.44 Mag Forever!