23 October 2011

Breakfast of NRA Champions

The lady at the next table said I ought to take a picture of the product of my C-Note toaster to share.  Sorry, I didn't catch your name, but this is for you!

Breakfast of NRA Champions!  Bacon, Egg & NRA Toast!

Alas, I over cooked the egg :-(  But no one to blame but myself.

There was a flurry of bidding at the middling two digits.  I put an end to it bidding the Benjamin. I think the Lady from the adjacent table thought I overbid.  I explained it was a donation to the cause and the number really wasn't important.  I further explained it takes two bidders to get the price up.
We also came home with a coupla other auction buys..  The SandCastle Queen bought some artwork depicting the Boston Tea Party.    The SandCastle Son spotted a Tactical rifle case and placed the winning bid.  He wanted to pay for it out of his savings, but the case will of course end up in the SandCastle Arsenal so that won't happen.  Glad we bought it.

We also brought home an AirRifle for the garage range.  It's a Beeman and supposedly fires a pellet at around 500fps. I may have to set up the Chrono to find out for sure.  In the meantime, we tried it out on the garage range upon arrival at home.  First couple shots left a curl of smoke from the barrel.  Guess there was a bit of residual oil.  Shooting a bit right.  Need to tweak the sights.

We also picked up one win from the bucket drawings.  A print upon which the SCSon quickly placed dibs.

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