27 October 2011


True Blue Sam: "All Cats Are Always Loaded"

If you've ever taken in a cat with any "feral" in it, you'll see the truth in that statement.   I LOL'd,,,


BobG said...

All cats are feral; it's just a matter of degree.

TrueBlueSam said...

Rambler is letting both the Mrs and I pet him now. Another week or two and we should be able to take him to the vet for shots, flea treatment, and attitude adjustment.

I tried to pull a mylar potato chip bag off a cat (not one of mine) last winter, and that's when I realized that Rule No 1 applies to cats. They go off in all directions, sort of like a bomb.

ccbcc said...

Yeah,,, Dad Just Look at My Arms..i Get a New Lesson Every Week. And She's getting Smarter... i cant Ever learn. :/