14 February 2012

I voted today

Arizona's primary is still two weeks off but my ballot went into the mail today.

Of the four still on the stage, Well you're known by the company you keep and Ron Paul supporters look (and act) an awful lot like the self proclaimed 99%.  Not to mention his foreign policy ideas are show stoppers. No Sale.

Keeping with the "known by the company you keep" theme, Mitt accepted an endorsement from John McCain ("The guy that couldn't beat Obama endorses the guy that couldn't beat McCain" - heard on Rush).   McCain's "My Friend" endorsement of Mitt is a strong negative for me.  November Fox Whiskey.  I don't understand why Mitt shared the stage with him.  Um no thank you...

I voted for Newt.  I remember how positive I felt on that election day in 1994.  I liked him when he was Speaker of the House.

Rick Perry Santorum I just don't think can stand the test of time.  I could be wrong, but I "know"  Newt.  I remember the Contract with America.  I recall a welfare reform bill signed by Clinton that actually got people off welfare and back to work.  And thought he got shafted from there.

Yea I know he has strong negatives.  So does Barry this time around.  Gas is 83% higher today than inauguration day.  Taxes are going up due to the health care law the majority didn't and still doesn't want.  The list goes on. And on but why bother.

And you know Newt will mop the floor with Barry on the debate stage, teleprompter or not.

Oh, And National Review, you sealed the deal.  Thanks for the endorsement.


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