29 February 2012

There is another option.

Arizona Board of Regents released a study on the costs of complying with SB1474 which would allow guns on the state's three universities.  The bill prevents them from adopting policies to keep guns off campus but allows them to keep guns out of buildings if they put up signs and safe storage lockers.

Bottom line they see $13.3M initial costs to put up lockers and signs, with another $3.1M annually to hire more officers.  Lots of money to ordinary mortals but a mere drop in the bucket to bureaucrats used to spending OPM by the millions, billions and trillions.

ASU's budget alone is > $2B.  UofA is probably similar and NAU is smaller.  Together they probably total around $5B.  That $13M one time cost amounts to a quarter of one percent the first year and about 0.06% annually. 

But there is another option.  The bill only requires the lockers & signs if Regents insist on disarming the students inside buildings.  They could just let students carry concealed and not have to incur any costs.

The bill really puts a price on their victim disarmament zones.  It would be even better if it made the Regents personally liable as Florida did

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