17 March 2012

Some of my troubles just drove away...

I sold my truck today.  It was 25 years old, 187k miles and lots of problems. The AC quit last summer  (I think it blew a seal), it failed smog and probably needs a new engine.  The front drive axles probably need to be replaced.  It was also a couple months past due on the registration.  I've swapped engines and stuff in the past but I don't have time for those kinds of projects these days.  I just wanted it gone.

We didn't use it much but there are times you just need a truck.  A lot of things just don't fit into the Miata.  Also I've found a spare car is the height of luxury.  Meaning if I was working on my car and needed a part, or that I had options for getting to work tomorrow.  As much as we used it, it will probably be cheaper to rent the local HD truck at $20/hr than to maintain the spare vehicle.

I decided as the month started it would be gone by the end of the month one way or another.  Even if "another" meant donating it to charity.  We finally got a for sale sign on it middle of this week and a guy stopped by today.

We settled a little below my bottom line but all those troubles are now SEP (Somebody Else's Problems).   And that has a value all it's own.

The SCSon also got a lesson in free market economics.  He was upset the guy was getting it for less than my bottom line.  But I explained this is how the free market works.  We negotiated and agreed on a price.  No one had a gun to his head.  I wanted his cash more than I wanted the truck and all it's problems in my driveway.  He wanted my truck more than he wanted the cash in his pocket.

And I now have some spare BAG day funds.  I'm not really in the market for anything in particular.  Perhaps we'll just invest it in some precious metals.

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