30 September 2012

Road Trip!

As previously noted, Saturday was our local FoNRA dinner.

One of the games they play are the bucket raffles.  We had lots of tickets and dropped them in many buckets.  Usually we do reasonably well, but tonight another table claimed most of the prizes.  NBD, this is a fundraiser after all.  And if he bought more chances than we did, so be it.

My one claim from the bucket raffles was a LaserLyte bore sighter + gift cert to a "nearby" steakhouse.  Now we live in the opposite direction so it's a hike.  Still today was a lazy afternoon, perfect for a road trip!

Lunch for the three of us neatly consumed the gift card, plus a few $$ for the tip.  The chef even neatly divided the two lunches over three plates (we share).  I put that into the "over and above" category of service.

Following lunch we made a side trip to a almost-but-not-quite local Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  It's a bit off the beaten path which explains why we haven't dropped by before.

Apparently this was the very first National monument.   Which means though I'd been carrying all day, I had to disarm to visit the monument. 

We RTB'd via the backroads instead of the interstate.

So a friends of NRA dinner led to an unplanned visit to the first National Monument. Didn't see that coming!

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Old NFO said...

LOL, road trips DO sometimes have nice side effects! :-)