03 May 2013

NRA Convention Day 0 (arrival day)

I hate airline flying...  It's just a SWA flight 100% full.  They even had to bump a couple extras.  They were offering a ticket refund + 300 voucher good for a year.  No thank you!

Once on the Ground in Houston, nothing seemed to go right.  The rental car agency couldn't find our reservation.  He finally offered a top of the line car at "employee rate" but it comes with "Free LDW*" at $24.99 a day.  Hmm sounds like a scam to me... get me into the most expensive car the have but knock down the price in return for taking the LDW.  The SCQueen assures me this is comparable to her reservation.  Fine lets move on.

We get to our hotel, or so I thought.  "Nope, no such reservation here."  He catches a keyword on my handwritten notes of the reservation and explains "That''s our property 20 miles north!"  Oh great, instead of being 8 miles out and within walking distance of the light rail line we are now 20+ miles out and requires driving in nasty traffic and paying exorbitant parking rates (I was "happy to pay $20 for the day a block away".)

We instead headed to the GunBlogger dinner and slid in just in time to get our orders in.  The noise level in the restaurant was very high so it was hard to have a conversation.  Still it was nice to renew year old friendships with SnoozeButtonRonin, LawDog and Phleghmmy.  And great to meet T.O.T.W.T.Y.T.R.

* LDW - Liability Damage Waiver.

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