04 May 2013

NRA Convention day 1

We covered about 30% of the show floor and then headed into the Leadership Forum.  The SandCastle Son beat me to the post with most of the best pics of the day*

However he neglected to mention meeting someone more important than every one of those politicians combined.  We met a genuine Medal of Honor certified capital-H-e-r-o Hero!  Sargent Sammy L Davis, United States Army:
Sargent Davis, Sammy L
The citation tells of amazing feats under the worst conditions possible. Let me hit the high points:
  • Doing his job defending his base.
  • His Howitzer takes a direct hts injuring him and his crew.
  • Returns to the weapon (now on fire) to fire on the advancing enemy.  Several times.
  • Crosses a river, despite an inability to swim to rescue three soldiers injured on the far side.
  • Another soldier takes the first wounded across the river while he guards the remaining two.
  • Upon returning to the firebase, refuses medical attention and instead returns to duty with another Howitzer crew.
Wow!  By all means, RTWT!

He signed his photo "You don't lose, until you quit trying!"  Great advice 

BTW, as the ScSon approached Sargent Davis, an older gentleman also approached at nearly the same time.  SCSon offered polite deference to the older gentleman and waved him ahead.  The elder insisted "You need to talk to him more than I do.  Please go ahead."

*  This is as it should be!  He is young and energetic, while I am old and slowing down.  He should be faster!  Now if I can only get him to prove it in a footrace.

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