16 February 2014

Hope this turns out well...

That covers both possibilities, a good guy successfully defends himself or a bad guy goes to jail having committed murder.

surveillance video ... show a physical confrontation that occurred before the shooting.
Story here from ABC15.

Unfortunately the shooter left the scene but apparently doesn't read NotClauswitz who recently reminds up to STFU after a shooting.

If it's a good shoot, I wish he'd called 911 and remained at the scene, then STFU.   He didn't and now he's talking.

I hope this turns out well.

Wonder if he's thought to call a lawyer?

I happened to visit a WallyWorld a couple miles away at approximately the same time.  This caught my eye:
Was the rest of the bicycle stolen?  Who would lock up just a quick release front tire?  More proof a lock is but a polite request to leave it alone?

Approaching the store, local PD had a mid-20's girl up against the car, handcuffed behind her back.

Update 19Feb2014: (From Phoenix ABC15)  Shooter claims he tried to walk away but was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground.  And while he left the scene, he called local PD from home.

I gotta think surveillance video substantially backs up his story as he has not yet been arrested.  Still DUDE... CALL A LAWYER!  They should be the one talking to the public, not you!

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