13 February 2014

The Stars Came Back

[Author's note:  I thought this went up a month ago.  But apparently not.  Short version:  Go buy Rolf's book.  You'll be glad you did!]
Rolf, the author of "The Stars Came Back" published part over on Joe's place. The story piqued my interest but TL;DR at the time and forgot to check back when I did have time.

A call for proofreaders went out in December and having some experience in proofreading, I volunteered.  Christmas Vacation provided the time to do a proper read.  What the heck..  I'm not getting paid so if it doesn't hold my interest I can always use the "ran out of time" excuse. 

I had no inkling of the ride he was about to take me on!  And the editing was far more professional than I'd expected for a self published work.  I had to look hard to find any critiques.

There is a lot of good stuff in there.  Right thinking philosophical stuff, military strategies, etc. I sent it on to the SandCastle Son to read as he is considering a future in the military.  The read includes some good lessons in proper use of military force.

And an ending I never could have imagined!

I hope I was able to help Rolf improve the final product

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