28 May 2014

New home of the Dead Goblin Count

"1 dead, 1 wounded in gunfight"

Couple bad guys with a gun meet a good guy with a gun protecting his siblings.  It's not a perfect story as the good guy took some damage and one at least bad guy is still consuming oxygen.  But the siblings are safe and unhurt.

Looks like the police have some good leads so hopefully the accomplices will be brought to justice.

DGC: 483

Please send your future DGC nominations to sandcastle scrolls aat em ess en dotcom (correct obvious typos).  I look forward to upholding the high standards established by the previous trustees of the brand.

The SandCastle Crew sends warmest congratulations to Exurban Kevin of Misfires and Light Strikes.  He's scored the perfect intersection of professional skills, talents and interests.  We'll miss seeing you on the range.

Rumors that the signing bonus included a case of .22LR are probably unfounded.

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Anonymous said...

Now this should prove interesting!