29 May 2014

Another Day, another home invasion, another dead bad guy

*Yawn*  This time out of the Atlanta area.  Via AJC:
Two men banged on his door late Tuesday and forced their way into his home, with the first man screaming at him, the homeowner said.
After he shot the first man, the homeowner watched the second man run away and get into a waiting car...
Unfortunately the news story has pitiful little information to go on and leaves far more questions than answers.  I trust the police will ask the pertinent questions.

One question always is, how did they actually get into the house?  This story notes:
 forced their way into his home
What does that mean?  Did they kick the door in?  Perhaps a stronger door, or a security door is in order.  Did the resident open the door to talk and that's when they forced their way in?  Perhaps there is a lesson the Alpha Phi sorority can offer:
His first stop was an Alpha Phi sorority house.... {redacted assailant}* banged on the locked front door, but no one opened it.
And thank God no one did or the toll would have been much higher.  Well done Alpha Phi!

DGC: 484
Via rare.us

* Name redacted to deprive the desired "infamy".  Y'all know who he is but I won't use his name.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, dearth of answers, but not unusual...