07 November 2014

November ePostal "метро"

This challenge transports you back to a common teen first job: making sandwiches.  However this particular sandwich shop is in Mother Russia*.  So you only have one choice of bread and you will like it!  From there need to build a sandwich with a meat choice from the left column,  a cheese from the 2nd column, toppings from the 3rd & 4th, and condiments from the 5th (circles).

Download Target .pdf here  English Version here.

Course of Fire:
Distance:  10 shots at 10 yds or range minimum, which ever is larger.

Scoring is simple:  Your task is to assemble the bestest sandwich you can with 10 shots.  Each FIRST hit on a meat, cheese, topping & condiment counts one point.  No penalty for additional hits on a target.  "Complete sandwich" bonus 2x applies for targets with at least one hit in each of the four categories.

Liner's count.  Even liners on text extending outside of the normal target area.  Any hit touching a line counts as a hit (does not have to be enclosed).  No penalties for liners, no adders for clear hits.  This is intentionally an easy target!  I want to see lots of high scores!  (hits/liners on the course of fire notes do not count.  Those are on the target because many times I've printed targets when it comes out, but don't get around to shooting them until a week or three later.  As I'm driving out to the range I've wondered "How many shots? what distance?".  So it's right there on the target)

This is such an easy target, if you shoot a 10 shots without scoring a point, I want to see that too!  There will be a special class for zero scores! because I expect that will be challenge in itself!  Heck, if you shoot a one score, send that in as well.  This is a "just for fun class" so these targets will be accepted in addition to your best score with the same firearm, the multiple entry rule below not withstanding.

Don't worry about it... just shoot it and let me know the conditions, including if you can't shoot at the specified distance. You may assume a normal caliber/optic/barrel length/distance matrix of classes,   From  .177 air pistol garage range to a bowling ball mortar in a free field.   Potato Gun?  Why not?  Bring it!   Wherever (but post/send/link pics!  Particularly on the BB Mortar, without video, it didn't happen ;-)... just shoot it and I'll find a place to record the score.

Get out and shoot it!
Send in your target scans/photos or links to same to sand castle scrolls at emm ess enn dot com  (apply human filter to resolve actual eaddy).  Include your name (as you want it reported in the results), caliber, distance, sights (iron/ red dot or magnified optic) Gun Make & Model, and any web links you want to include for linky love.

Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged, but please only send your best per firearm.

* Why Russia?  because I needed a plot device to explain the limited options at this particular sandwich shop. My local uboat-way franchise offers many more options than I can fit onto an 8.5x11" sheet, but they can't explain why the advertised Honey Oat is not an available today,  several times in a row!

** I am not  Russian speaker.  "Dos Vidanya", "Nyet" and "minoga" are pretty much the limits of my vocabulary and those reach back to "Hunt for Red October".  The translations  offered here are credited to/blamed on  translate.google.com.


Merle said...

Russian - how devious!
I think I'll print one out in English, just for grins & giggles - I'm not too fond of borsch!

Thanks for a really unique match!


danno said...

An English version of the target is now available for download.

Merle said...

Alright - I was going to struggle with google translate, but now....


Ed said...

I will translate the sandwich menu:

ham canadian black onion yellow mustard
cheddar olives deli mustard
honey mustard
turkey swiss tomato green mayonnaise
pepper Stolichnaya mustard

roast - shredded lettuce

Stolichnaya produces two mustards, a Russian mustard and a Russian mustard with horseradish:


But are they not really Latvian mustards?


Ed said...

I keep forgetting that comments do not support white space for aligning columns. Let's try that again:

column 1:
roast beef

column 2:
Canadian cheddar

column 3:
black olives
shredded lettuce

column 4:
green pepper

column 5:
yellow mustard
deli mustard
honey mustard
Stolichnaya mustard

Anonymous said...

So 1 hit in each category makes a sandwich (4) and qualifies for the bonus (8) but
1 hit in each column makes a better sandwich (5) and also qualifies for the bonus (10).

Da tovarich?


danno said...

да друг, но

What you say is true, but does not paint the complete picture.

say you first complete your sandwich of Ham, swiss, shredded lettuce & Deli mustard. that's 4 points x2 for the complete sandwich = 8.

But you still have 6 shots left to improve your sandwich. Say you add hits on turkey, black olives & mayonnaise. That's seven hits on individual targets, x2 for the complete sandwich = 14.

You have 10 shots. If you put each on individual targets, including the complete sandwich bonus = 20 (max score).

Имеет ли это смысл?

Billll said...

So I can call it one big sandwich or 2 smaller ones, as soon as I hit all 4 categories I've got the bonus.

As we said in old country before time of revolution: The shortages will be divided among the peasants. All errant shots will be blamed on the fellow in the next lane.

danno said...


(I dare you to run that backwards through google translate!) (SFW) ;-)

Once you hit the four individual categories, every new hit is 2x.

I'm amused translate handled that response. 8-)

Ed said...

"I dare you to run that backwards through google translate!"

I'll take that challenge, two ways (English can be ambiguous):

“однуМ-а-оньливарп” Google translates Russian-to-English as “odnuM -a- onlivarp”, a phonetic transliteration.

“правильно-а-Мундо” Google translates Russian-to-English as “correct -a- Mundo”. правильно!

ccbcc said...

есть ли бонусные баллы для советского оружия ?

Billll said...

Easy target he sez. Many perfect scores he sez. Bolshevik! I sez.

It's what I like about the e-postal series: they're always harder than they look.

danno said...

ED - the 2nd interpretation is what I had in mind. "correct-a-mundo" reaching back to the fonz & Happy Days. As mentioned in the previous response, I am highly amused google translate was able to translate the idiom. (even with your noted flaws as a fluent speaker).

ccbcc - I have in mind a special unspoken +0.5 pt extra for those taking the central target theme to heart. This is an 'homage to crossword puzzles where understanding the central puzzle theme helps to answer future clues. same same applies here.

But the choice of weapon family tree isn't it.