26 October 2014

"Just give them what they want"

How many times have we heard that from"'experts"?  NBC recently ran a report advising "treat them like royalty".

Today's DGC entry (#509) tried to be the good Samaritan, but the bad guys took advantage.  The good guy went along until what the bad guys wanted was the 19YO grand daughter's honor.

Grandpa scored hits on all three invaders, but unfortunately took some hits himself.  But it stopped the attack so I score that as a win, and I'd bet Grandpa would agree.  Heal fast Grandpa!  And good onya for saving your Grand daughter from these thugs.  You sir are a USDA certified 100% hero!

May the surviving bad guys spend many years at the greybar motel until they are old and grey themselves.


Merle said...

I would have preferred that all three punks died - now the taxpayers will have to support them for a long time.

But then again, I'm a real hard ass about crime & punishment!


Ed said...

"Treat them like royalty"?

Yeah. Like the Bolsheviks treated the Romanovs.