18 April 2016

A liberal mugged...

An old neighbor called yesterday to say "I need to get my CCW.  I walked into a hot robbery with my 5YO daughter".

I do not actually know her political tendencies, but if I had to guess...  I'd probably be right...

She walked into a local mart to buy donuts for her daughter's class.  Her spidy senses noticed something was wrong so she was trying to back her daughter out without causing a scene.  But needless to say the 5YO was goal focused on DONUTS!  I don't know the full story but she reports things like "in a head lock" and "lets go to the bathroom" and her momma bear instincts kicked in and she fought back and got away mostly unscathed.  FIGHT BACK!  She mentioned the clerk didn't fight back and took a beating :-(

Anyway, we gave her several suggestions on local CCW classes (highly recommended, even though constitutional carry is the law here in AZ)

I hope she follows through... And watches the MJV video.


Merle said...

Glad she got out OK. Are you going to "coach" her along?


danno said...

We will help her anyway we can.

She is seeking her CCW and we concur. If she ever ends up on the stand defending herself is a self-defense shoot, I'd rather hear her say "I earned my CCW from NRA certified instructor Mr./Ms. X, and I've taken xyz self defense training from wxy self defense training inc.", rather than "My old neighbor took me shooting a couple times."

IMHO, about 2/3rd of the CCW training in AZ is advice on what is, and what is not a "good shoot". The adjacent video from an actual attorney effectively communicates this in about 30 minute.

We have offered to let her try out any of the firearms in our arsenal-of-freedom, we have mentioned several local ranges that have "ladies day" where they can try all the guns they want for the price of the ammo.

I also hope they work through the "finding the right self defense weapon" - One you can carry all day, everyday and still shoot safely and practice regularly.

If there is one thing this area is *not* hurting for, it's quality firearms/self defense training! Just reach down and pick some up! it's almost that easy.

Merle said...

Sounds like you have a good plan!It's especially important to find a gun that actually suits her - not what some clerk thinks is "cool".


Wilson said...

Good for you for helping her. Fortunately she saw the error of her ways before any great tragedy happened.