16 September 2017

2 family shooting day

A close family friend's mom is interested in learning more about guns & shooting and related same at a recent holiday party.  We had previously taken Dad & Son to the range & Dad had shot in the USAF.  But Mom had zero experience.

We met around the kitchen table and started with "this" is a cartridge and it consists of 4 parts (Demonstrated hands on with a projectile & brass, but no primer or powder).  Over the next hour we talked about the four rules of gun safety,  calibers, single/double action, safeties etc.

Then we took her to the range.

Their son is a big time airsoft guy, most often with his AR-15. But this was his first experience firing live rounds!
I can't show the smiles because I don't have permission to show faces.  But I also think most of you get the picture!

I'll even put an unpaid plug for the range.  We shot today at C2 Tactical in Tempe AZ.  The rule is "three people on a lane" and I get that.  The range is a cramped space, it's not fair to others and [other valid undocumented concerns].  I paid for 2 guests but they allowed us to tag team people on and off the range thus we were able to get Special Guest Mom, Dad & Son + SCSon all a little trigger time.  They seemed to have two range officers on duty but they weren't overbearing.

And I'd like to thank the guy on the next lane over shooting a Glock.  I had explained the Glock safety to Mom, but he had one and I asked him to show her the safety.  HE HANDED ME THE GUN to let me show her the safety on the range.  Thank you!  Seeing is believing!  Now she doesn't have to rely on my words, she's seen the safety in real life and better understands how it works.

Closing word is Mom was OK with the .22 but didn't like the 9mm's  And she didn't really like the semi autos ejecting the brass.  The lanes have hard sides so much ejected brass bounces back onto the shooter.   Fortunately it occurred to me to warn her against wearing anything low cut ahead of time (and she didn't), but it was still enough to be a distraction to her.  I think she'd be happier with a revolver.  Unfortunately most of the SandCastle Arsenal is semi auto :-(

Unfortunately while there are caliber steps between .22 and 9mm (.22 mag, .25, .32 and probably others), the SandCastle Arsenal doesn't have any examples, and filling such holes in is pretty low on the priority list.

I hope mom continues.  I pointed out the range has Ladies Day (Mondays 2pm to close with free range time).  I hope she'll invest the time in Ladies Pistol 100 class.  I expect it would cover most of the same stuff we did at the kitchen table but at greater depth and get her more shooting time.

Hey and I got to shoot a couple rounds too (about 5)!  Bonus for me!

(Photos credit SandCastle Queen, copyright 2017 And BTW, the first shot is not photoshopped.  She actually caught the fire out the muzzle.  Nicely done!)


Merle said...

Good job!!!

Glad to hear you got in a few rounds, but helping newbies is more important to me. :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The hot brass issue can wreck the day for a new shooter. I was shooting video at an event we had at Carmi Rifle Club, and a .22 hull popped into my shirt and gave me a heck of a burn on top of my collar bone. Took a month to heal. I was wearing a Dickies khaki work shirt, so it does not require low cut shirts to get you.