08 September 2017

Albatross ejected!

SandCastle proper picked up stakes and moved a while back...  It took a year but we finally vacated the old bones and moved on.  Today we closed on selling the old property after a year of double utilities + and worries about squatters moving into the vacant property.

We also found ourselves in the uncomfortable position of July 3rd (Monday where Tuesday is a holiday) and no insurance on the property!  Even though we are local and visit the property daily, it was hard to procure coverage.   Now that worry is gone, and double utilities payments are gone!  We are FREE!

This was all part of the plan, except the plan called for a 6 month switchover instead of the 1 year +.  In reality,  The SCQueen was on top of the move and if there was a "long pole" it was me...

Bottom line, WOO HOO!  The old property has been sold!


Merle said...

now let the celebration begin!!!


Anonymous said...

Way I remember it, an Albatross was good luck until some idiot killed it.

danno said...

I think the analogy still holds - We lived 20 good years in that house.

It didn't become a liability until we no longer lived there! Then we had to worry about vandalism, squatters, etc. plus maintain the property on a daily basis.