07 May 2018

Update to my last

The shop that installed the new master cylinder barely 3 months ago stood behind their work.  They identified the problem as a defective master cylinder and said they would be charging it back to the manufacturer.  Sounds like something wasn't machined properly.

Anyway they honored their warranty and installed a new one at no cost.  They reset the two year warranty period and they didn't hesitate to cut us a check for the tow fee!

This is how it should be and this is why we used this shop in the first place.  The SCQueen handled the negotiations and they never tried to bamboozle her.

So our only "cost" was loss of use of the vehicle for the weekend + 1/2 Monday*.  Unfortnately the SCSon had to be at his $PARTTIMEJOB at 0600 two of those days.  Fortunately for me, the SCQueen is a morning person.  Have I mentioned I chose wisely? ;-)

Here's the unpaid plug:
Desert Car Care
95 North Dobson Road
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 726-6400
Good People!  I have a deeply rooted distrust of mechanics after finding a screwdriver left inside the timing chain housing of my engine, left behind by a mechanic).  They have treated the SCQuen well every time we've been there.

* I would not have been surprised if they would have covered a rental as well.  But we didn't push the issue.  They have offered a rental in the past.


Merle said...

An honest & competent shop is worth its weight in gold these days...

danno said...


Hence the unpaid plug. You, and probably most readers won't be in a position to take advantage. I'm happy to spread the word because they are such a rare gem. (I hope he doesn't sell the franchise & name to an unscrupulous operator!)