04 June 2018

Crap news :-(

I  learned this AM a longtime college friend was in ICU/stable but critical condition.   Later learned he passed around 7pm PDT.

Well Crap!

I used to joke "at our ages, we meet for weddings.  Later on it will be for funerals"  And alas, time has caught us :-(

Word we are getting is "cardiac event" but not "heart attack" nor infection, nor... something else usual...  Bottom line (my assessment), his heart just quit.
A good friend and fraternity brother of 30+ years succumbed this eve. At our mid 50's we are too damn young for this crap! 

Godspeed & Tailwinds Brother!


Merle said...

I recently turned 70, and my friends & classmates are dropping even faster.... :(


Wilson said...

Sorry about your friend, my condolences.