16 March 2019

I won the lottery Part Deux

The SCSon and I visited the local range today.  Reason #1 was to try out the CMP USGI 1911 I scored in the lottery.  Patterns were nothing to write home about.  Now is that because I'm not a 1911 shooter?  Because I haven't shot pistol in > 1 yr or because these are clapped out rattle trap 1911s.

Personally, I first blame the "nut behind the wheel".  I don't consider myself a stellar pistol shooter.  So I blame me.  Still I'm glad to score a CMP USGI 1911.  Don't bother to ask, it's not for sale!

The secondary mission for the trip was to let the SCSon try out some small concealable pistols.  We started with a Glock 23 which IMHO simply doesn't have enough grip to hang onto.  Traded that out for Glock-19.

He tried a couple others, Kahr CW-9 & Baretta Nano.  He came to the conclusion that small "concealable" pistols are hard to shoot well.

Some lessons have to be learned via 1st hand experience.

And that's why we practice.  To gain this experience.

BTW... I called the RO over at one point to ask if I could relcaim my brass.  His attitude was "Hey it's  your brass and less work for me!  Win-Win!.  Fair enough

So it was a bit of a surprise when he came back a few minutes later saying "But you can't be drinking water here in the range."  He went on to say it's an OSHA reg.  OK. 


Merle said...

yeah, I'd be concerned about lead particles settling out of the air - I won't eat or drink until after I wash my face & hands at least twice - rimfire is noticeably worse.

PS: where can I find those targets - the colors & shapes look interesting for a quick reaction drill....

danno said...

The target is just one of many offered by the range. I was surprised to check the usual suspects (Midway, Brownells) to find they don't offer them.

Checking the receipt, they call it a "T42 DT-2A". I'll save you the time, an internet search of this turns up a bunch of Garage door opener stuff.

If you want to call the range to ask where they get them, it's C2 Tactical in Tempe AZ (https://c2tacticaltempe.com/) Phone: 480 588-8802


Merle said...

OK, thanks - it figures that it wouldn't be simple!