03 April 2019

Range Report

Where I took exactly 5 shots:

Not a great grouping particularly at only 25ft. (iron sights, standing unsupported AR-15)

The point of the range trip was to evaluate some reloads, not accuracy.  The only accuracy I was interested in was avoiding the target carrier!  (Hence the shots low on the target).

Last time I reloaded some .223 it wasn't pretty.  Bullets were pushed back into the brass on attempted loading.  The SCQueen had asked for some special loads where I adjusted the dies.  The follow-ons didn't feel right.

I went back to the reloader's original die settings and ran a new batch.  The point of the range trip was to test the chambering of the newly pressed rounds.  5 rounds told the story:  All successful.

The guy behind the desk was a bit surprised when I emerged from lane just a few minutes after checking in.  I explained when I buy a year of range time all at once, I don't need to get my hour's worth on every trip!

Next trip... to test a 9mm carbine we built.. Midway made me an offer on a 9mm upper flat top I couldn't refuse!  Of course that meant I had to buy a bunch more parts to complete the carbine.   Stay tuned for the build and range reports!

Stand by!

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Merle said...

AHHH yes - the "function test" range trip.... :)