29 May 2019

The FAIL boggles the mind

From ABC15 in Phoenix:
They say the 17-year-old boy accidentally shot his friend while riding in a pickup truck around noon Monday with two other men.

Police say the boy was a passenger behind the driver's seat and was handling a handgun when it discharged.
I guess the 4 rules of gun safety get in the way when cruisin' the 'hood.

But it also raises so many questions:  Did the driver with the gunshot in back NOT crash?  If the two 18YOs are fingered with tampering with evidence by trying to hide the gun, it suggests they probably didn't call police from the scene.

Did these geniuses think they'd come up with a story that explains their dead friend?  That even Barney Fife would trace the hole in their friend's back to the hole in his seat and note the powder burns/unburnt powder embedded in the back of the seat? 

What evidence supports the 17YO as the trigger man?  What are the odds surveillance video from the area surfaces showing the 17YO in the front pax seat? What are the odds it was one of the 18YOs that convinced him to take the fall on the basis he's a juvenile?  Maybe he didn't count on that "charged as an adult" thing.


Update:  KPHO has more:  Apparently they were able to control the truck, drive to a location to stash that gun plus one more.  Two hours later they took the shot driver to the hospital. Which brings up the obvious question, would prompt medical intervention have saved the driver?

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Old NFO said...

Wow... Guess they don't teach gun safety in the barrio!