09 July 2019

We shouldn't need a law...

.. for people to secure their firearms!  Economic desire to protect one's property worth several C-notes should be sufficient.  Even if you can afford to write off the multi-C-note loss, there is also the risk to the community now that your firearm is on the darkside.

Here's what I'm talking about.

For context once the above link fails:
The group of thieves stole at least three guns and an unknown amount of other valuables from mostly unlocked cars, according to police.
We are beset by crews roaming neighborhoods looking for UNLOCKED car doors.  When they find one, the scour the interior for anything of value and move on.  The linked article notes the bad guys got away with 3 guns (at least?) from UNLOCKED cars.  While this is a story that made the local news, there are 10x stories on my local NextDoor feed. 

Whoa Nellie!  What are you people thinking?   I've learned the vehicle security lesson the hard way:  It cost me a nice car stereo in the '80s.  You can't protect anything in a car.  If a thief wants it bad enough, they'll forkload the car onto a truck and take it to a safe location.  But in this case the low-lifes are merely looking for unlocked doors.  These successes encourage further expeditions.  Make their searches unfruitful and dry up the tests.

I am not advocating for more laws.  Laws penalizing victims are just wrong.  But please lock your $#!^ up.  Just lock the @*&# car doors!"  Don't give the bastards an excuse to impose a new law on the law abiding!

Park your cars in the garage if possible and lock the doors if not!  This isn't rocket science.

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