17 July 2019

Amusing observation

The SCSon had a short work day today (only ~4 hours).  It was early so he headed across the street to our friendly local indoor range.

There he found a drool-worthy rifle and asked "can I buy this?"  They asked his age (20YO) and said yes, they could sell it to him.

But then he asked but will you rent me a lane on the range to shoot it (pushing the incongruity)?  "Um no."

His point and they acknowledged "Yes, at your age I can sell you a rifle, but our policy is to not rent a lane to people under 21".

I have a.. I'll use the term "group membership" as their class name might unduly "doxx" them and I have no such intent.  Which means I can reserve a lane ahead of time online, but to bring him, I have to list him as a "minor" even though he is north of the age of majority.  Fair enough, their party, their rules.

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