07 October 2019

What are the odds...

.. This guy has/had a legally owned gun?


Who thinks "respond with a gun" is a reasonable response to "too much noise in the upstairs apartment?

I had a couple downstairs apartments during my college years.  Frequently the upstairs noise was enough to "disrupt" us downstairs.  Most times we accepted it as "price of living downstairs".  Though I will admit to serenading an apparently amorous couple with a bad rendition* of "Black Dog" after being woke up at "way-too-dark-thirty" for their quickie.

But firearms never entered even in to the thought of the equation.

Deeper research suggests the shooter was hit by a ricochet, but it doesn't stop the "serves you right" "payback's a bitch" angle to the story.

* I have an electric guitar, but I try not to inflict my playing upon others.  There have been special exceptions.

Guns are never a solution to noise complaints!

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