03 November 2019

Last shot of the day

Yea... an out of battery discharge.

I knew sumthin wasn't right upon firing the shot.  Clearly the forward half of the case was supported by the chamber while the aft half wasn't.   Probably lucky for me, it blew down where I only suffered superficial wounds,  Even if it had gone up instead of down, I wore full Z87 rated safety glasses. so I'd probably mostly be ok..

The rifle is a 9mm AR-15 carbine, because I received a Midway USA offer on a 9mm upper I could not refuse (Thanks Larry!).

I'm frankly surprised it would send the firing pin forward this far out of battery.  I seem to recall a similar situation with an .223 AR-15 where it would not fire if the bolt wasn't locked up.

This particular rifle seems to be of "blowback" design.  Which given the loads I use (7.1 gr AA #7), ample powder ends up back in the shooters face and into the action.

It also seemed to foul the action.    Time to clean the rifle and try again..  But maybe with leather gloves ;-)

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