11 November 2019

Don Jr book signing

Donald Trump Jr. was nearby to sign his book at a local costco.  The SCQueen & a sister escorted the SCMIL (mother in law) to get a signed book.  It's fall here in the desert but temps are still on the upper side of the 80's and that sun is brutal as ever.

The SandCastle Queen reports the line was extremely deferential to the SCMIL and kept pushing her forward in the line to keep her out of the sun.   At one point the SCQueen told her mom, stand here and I'll go get our chairs.  Another person in line wouldn't hear of it and said "No, you will sit here (his chair)" while you wait!

In short order Costco employees noticed the white hair and escorted her inside to wait in the AC.  The SCQueen waited outside and offered to take charge of the other guy's chairs while he went through the line to get a book.  He said "eh, they're only $20 chairs.  If they are not here when we emerge, no big deal"

He was surprised to find the SCQueen with his chairs!

They met a lot of good people in the line!  And good on all those that took care to see a 90+YO didn't spend too much time in the sun.  And the SCMIL got a signed book ;-)

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