01 September 2008

Aw Cr@p

With nothing else on the agenda today, I headed to the range to make an assault on the Summer Gun Blog Rifle Match. This time with the M1 Garand.

Now this started out looking good.. Here's the standing target.
2 10's , 1 X
and one off.

Uggg.. that's 13 shots on target. The low two are written off as sighters (I love throw out's). But there's no excusing the extra shot. Somewhere in the slow standing stage, I lost count and launched an extra down range. One choice to solve the dilemma would be to throw out the highest shot.

And by the time the situation was recognized, I didn't have enough ordinance to make a second try.

But I continued on... the other stages were short of hits... Eh well, I tried but this doesn't even qualify as an entry.

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