23 September 2008

Miracle at FL360

We witnessed several truly miraculous recoveries today.

You see, flying home on SWA, there must have been 15 people in wheelchairs lined through the boarding area and spilling out into the hallway needing special assistance to board. They took up about the first seven rows of the plane.

We spent the next 3 1/2 hours at FL360 (36,000 ft). Reaching the gate however most of these first 7 rows were up and out of their seats with out any "need for special assistance". Some were practically elbowing each other to be the first off the plane. It's a miracle! No more wheelchairs! Even though the flight attendant asked them to wait until they had enough wheel chairs, they had none of it and made a bolt for the door.

National Institute of Health really ought to investigate this miracle!

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