16 September 2008

What planet are you from?

'Cuz if the laws of physics are suspended the way logic and reason apparently are, it ought to be a really fun place!

Sitting here watching the house debate on whether to spank DC over their obstinance in complying with the DC Heller ruling.

So I'd like to politely inquire of Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), what planet are you from? What place in this universe is so utterly devoid of logic and reason. I'd like to visit as I'm sure the laws of physics don't apply there either. Heck, I'm not picky... if "this universe" is too limiting, If you're from a different one, I'd be interested in that too!

Among others she asserted the amendment would:
* Allow children to carry AK-47's"
* May possess AK-47, or a Bushmaster (oh the humanity!)
* Permit "gunrunning" between Maryland and DC.

And of course she had to lay blame for the 9/11 attacks on the NRA.

ENH, et al, How can you listen to the stories "These laws only limit law abiding from carrying guns" and congressman Dan Burton whose secretary lived 4 blocks from the capital and was attacked in her home with only a frying pan to fend off the knife attack. Same for the bare logic of 30 years of statistical data (DC murder capital of the US and the top three are all 30 years), and not see the truth of it.

And the sad part is she is not alone. Denny Hoyer, H. Waxman and others are apparently from the same devoid-of-logic planet.

Rep Mike Ross (D-ARK), Jason Altmire (D-PA) - Blue dog Demos! Bravo

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