23 July 2009

Area 51 Pic

This picture was taken from 11,500' MSL on the V105 airway very close to the Beatty VOR (see below, lower left corner). The dry lake in the lower right corner of both the photo and sectional is Yucca Dry Lake.

Nope... I don't see anything either. But that is not terribly surprising since Groom Lake was about 60 miles distant and the picture was taken with a midrange digital camera through a slightly crazed less than optically perfect window. Reference the sectional below, Groom Lake is the dry lake within R-4808N in the upper right portion of the sectional below.
You could probably do better with a more powerful plane at FL250 or so and a $Million camera. Me, I just happened to be passing through and considered how it might spin the wheels on the sitemeter.

Consider this my "Post Everyday" entry for today.


ExurbanKevin said...

Shame on you for this blatant attempt (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) to inflate your traffic stats!


danno said...

Yes... I believe I admitted as much in the post. BTW, it hasn't worked. Sitemeter doesn't show any visits looking for Area 51. ;-(