31 July 2009

Fun Friday

This has been a big week at the DayJob(tm). We spend a significant portion of the year preparing a week's worth of technical training for our customers. While we enjoy presenting them, it's a lot of "on" time. The schedule had my last class wrapping up at Noon Friday. Between cleanup and lunch - a chance to meet with our customers in a less formal setting, I was done by about 2pm.

Heading out on the freeway, there was a definite vibration in the car at speed. I figured a tire had thrown a wheel weight and a simple re-balance would fix it after I was home. Halfway home the steel belts let go. I was in the middle lane and another car was between me and the emergency lane. I hit the blinker to indicate my desire for the shoulder. The other driver immediately backed off giving me have the lane. Thank you! You are far more aware than most drivers.

BTW, the Air Temp was about 110F and there wasn't a bit of shade in sight. The tire was still inflated which allowed limping off the freeway to a WallyWorld at the exit. At least there I could get out of the heat and a cool drink while waiting for rescue. Oh, and I checked the ammo supply while there. Scoring a couple Federal .22 bulk packs would have at least made the diversion worthwhile. Nothin' but 12ga. shells.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Glad you were able to stop OK. I had a near run-in with a Brinks truck Thursday. A car cut him off on the highway, he smoked his tires, swerved, and rolled to his top, right in front of me. I am going to call it one of my official close calls. I had a report that the Washington, IA Wal-mart got in Mini-Mag 100 packs, and they have priced them at TEN bucks. They were seven before the ammo shortage.

danno said...

I was lucky in a couple ways: 1) The tire remained inflated which made the car easy to control and get off the freeway. 2) The tire didn't let go until after our big week.

Glad to hear your event wasn't any more exciting!