10 August 2009

Epic FAIL or just tone deaf

You make the call!

Our National Parks are great places to visit but have become a bit pricey in recent years- $25 a visit. But a couple times a year the fees are waived. This upcoming weekend August 15-16 is a free weekend. Click here for a list of free parks that will have free admission this weekend.

Just don't try to visit Arizona's crown jewel, The Grand Canyon, on this free weekend. Check the banner pic at the top in case you need a reminder/

You see El Presidente['s handlers] has decided this Sunday is the perfect time to visit the canyon. So expect roadblocks, exclusion areas, more SS troops[Secret Service agents] than tourists, and no air tours either within 30+ miles. (Check back for updates when the TFR* is released). And you know all the best spots will be blocked off to ordinary mortals.

It will not surprise me to learn the park restrictions will start a day ahead of time. This pretty much negates the benefit of the free weekend at one of our nations premier National Parks. Visitors this weekend will probably get a pitch along these lines: "Yes it's free today, but this area is closed because the president is coming here with his family. Perhaps you can visit the North rim today. it's only a 4-5 hour drive, let me show you on this map. Thanks for coming, you can turn around just ahead. Don't go beyond that because you will be shot."

I'm going with "Tone Deaf" on this one, cuz I'm sure as heck he's not worried about the $25 park admission fee and clearly doesn't care about the peons his travel affects.

The local birdcage liner loudly proclaims AZ has become a swing state [see above link, paragraph 4 and brags this is the anointed one's 3rd visit to the state since election. But to pick this weekend to shut down the South rim is just st00pid! I hope those stuck in traffic jams remember come election day.

I just hope his Phoenix visit doesn't affect our need to depart the area for the SCMom's funeral. [yes, I value my need to depart for mum's funeral and be with my sibling units higher than any possible benefit from his lordship's presence here in the area].

TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction. See CFR14-91.141 "Restrictions in the proximity of presidential or or other parties" for more details. Typically surface to 18,000 ft, no movement within 10 mile radius,restricted movement out to 30 NM.

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Bitter said...

I'm confused by that list since one of the local parks near us has no fees at all, yet they are listed as being fee-free.

However, we still won't be visiting any parks during the fee-free weekend unless it's also a gun ban-free weekend. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait on that one until February. :)