29 August 2009

Exercise in self delusion

Background: Arizona legislature passed a law allowing patrons with a CCW to carry into restaurants that serve alcohol, but cannot consume themselves. The law takes effect on September 29th.

A local news station ran this story on the late news last night (from the video version of the story):
"Just forty two cents to buy one of these signs from the state.
The relief that comes from knowing one of these is posted is priceless".
Of course the story is full of bias from the opening lines where she boasts of Bar owners finding a "loophole". A loophole implies an unforeseen, unintended consequence of the language of the law. This is not a loophole, it's an intentional out written into the law. Also, while the owner refers to his establishment as a "Restaurant" the report immediately turns around and calls it a "bar". And I love the critical omissions where she never mentions that a person carrying a) must carry concealed and b) cannot consume alcohol. I also loved the part where "the Brit" lectures the "colonists" about how ludicrous the law is.

Responsible carriers agree guns and alcohol do not mix, and take this responsibility on themselves. Conversely, bad guys that wouldn't think twice about committing a major felony or violating any/all of the Ten Commandments are not going to be stopped by a sign on the door.

Your reality check just bounced.

The George & Dragon has been around for many years. I dropped with the SCBro in shortly after moving to the area looking for a place to get a decent pint of ale and throw some darts (Weapons!). Stepping inside the taps all showed American lagers (e.g "Budweiser") and electronic dart machines. Not an ale or real broom dart board in the house. We turned around and walked back out. Maybe he's upgraded in the intervening years but now I'll never find out.

Interesting numbers though, The .gov has printed 1500 signs but so far only has orders for 200.

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