13 August 2009

Spin spin spin...

(Update to Epic FAIL or just tone deaf)

Seems someone figured out El Presidente is going to shut down one of the Nation's premier National Parks on a weekend when visiting was supposed to be free.

Now Gibbsy is saying the trip is to bring attention to the fee free weekend.

Right, by shutting down the South rim of the Grand Canyon, you are promoting the fee free weekend. Next one of which won't happen for several months. I might have believed that if it was in the original story. But a week later and two days prior to the arrival? Sorry, no sale. He should have been here a short time AHEAD of the free weekend, not DURING the weekend.

Spin Spin Spin.

Anyone attempting to visit should expect long lines to get into the park, closed roads, invasive car searches when you get there and no place to park near the rim. Parking is atrocious to begin with and the SS will have closed much of that. In short choose a different park. The Ch0sen one has usurped the free NP weekend for a photo op. Get over it and go somewhere else but remember the event come election day 2012.

I just hope we escape the Phoenix area for the SCMom's funeral before the CFR 14-91.141 TFR* takes effect. According to news reports 0-No will be here is less than two days. Sure would be nice if they'd publish the NOTAM** so SandCastle-1 can be wheels up and clear of the area prior to the closure. We have the flexibility to push up the departure by several hours if need be, but we need to know the closure times!

Update: Just checked with Flight Service. The NOTAM has been issued. The local TFR will start at 6pm. That gives us several hours margin between our proposed departure time and the TFR time.

FAA defined terms:
* TFR = Temporary Flight Restriction. 91.141 refers to the restriction of flying in the proximity of presidential parties.
** NOTAM = NOtice To AirMen. Note: AirMen is a unisex term defined 70-80 years ago which is understood to include pilots of the female persuasion.

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