27 November 2009

ePostal match closing weekend

A friendly reminder this is your last weekend to shoot the last ePostal match of the year. Entries are due by Monday night. I'm headed to the range today before the winds and rains hit tomorrow.

Rules and targets here

Update: I shot the match again today. In several tries I was not able to best my previous effort. Here's my Class 1 (Rimfire pistol, iron sights) entry. I was having a good day with three hits on the center target and three more on other villain targets. Unfortunately I nicked the bond girl three times.

BTW, whose brilliant idea was it to make the rule that shots between the legs in the lower left target do not score?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I shot it yesterday and scored a "1". I will try again today if it doesn't rain. My kid beat me real bad, with MY gun!

Ian Argent said...

I feel better about the 0 I shot in class 5. I won't mention my 2 handgun scores, though ;)

The bond girl ended up rather poorly used by me: kneecapped her once, took a chunk out both thighs, and then left her to bleed out from a femoral hit.