17 November 2009

"Bond, James Bond"

update: This ePostal has come and gone. The latest one is here

Mid month update & bump Yes, this is a challenging contest. Consider the scoring range from +25 to -25. That means 0 is midrange! It is quite possible for a negative score to win the class! No matter how badly you think you score, send me your targets! FWIW, my best score so far is a +3. But I have two more weeks to better that mark and so do you!

Airsoft update
: I can only find 0.12g bbs around here, but appears ye olde binder paper is considerably thinner and will feed through the SCQueen's inkjet printer. Shoot the match at 5 yds and send me the targets. I'll make classes as appropriate.

"Do you want to play a game?"

Mr. Completely's November e-Postal contest is here!

If there has been one constant in my life it has been the James Bond movie series. Some of my earliest memories at age 4 or 5 are of watching the movies on TV with mom. I distinctly recall the eggbeater helicopter with the electromagnet pick up the car full of gunmen in "You only live twice". "Live and Let Die" was the first movie I was allowed to see in the theater with friends rather than 'rents. The local SVdP had used copies of Ian Fleming's original books for only a dime and I read them all. Many of my school book reports on were on the series. "Moonraker" is the sole survivor sitting on the shelf.

The helicopter scene at the opening of "For your eyes only" is my favorite Bond movie opening. Their stunt pilot flew and maneuvered a Bell 206 JetRanger inside a building! Holee Cow! Talk about Ball's O'Brass! Ya know, air flow changes when you transition from outside to inside and helicopter crashes tend to the unsurvivable....

OTOH, The CGI crap they are putting out now, well not so much. The para-surfing scene in "Die Another Day" has to be the worst CGI ever foisted on the viewers. (however a car with an extendable minigun could be useful in the daily commute). Who needs a CCW to deal with road rage when your vehicle is equipped with a minigun?

There is even a chance I'm in a scene of "A View To A Kill". It was filmed in the San Francisco area one year that we raced a sailboat on the SF Bay. We sailed most every weekend that summer and saw the blimp pretty much every time. There is a two second scene showing the bay with lots of white sails on the bay. Even money I'm on one of them. No I can't tell which one.

The Mission:James Bond needs your help taking out the villains. Your mission is to shoot the villain vehicles so he can get an early start with the Bond Girl.

Target:The target should be printed out full size on a 8.5" x 11 sheet. There is a ruler at the Bond Girl's waist to aid with sizing. If anyone has trouble downloading or sizing the target, your email gets back a .pdf.

: 11 yards for pistols, 25 yards for rifles. 11 Yards is the range minimum I have to live with. I shoot most ePostals with this disadvantage. For this contest we shoot on an level playing field. (It's good to be king).

Shooting position
: Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Scoring: Q has provided you 25 shots. First 5 shots on each villain vehicle scores.
Some targets include significant white space within the target for artistic purposes. A white space hit within the enclosed target area is a hit. Note: Villain in lower left - misses between the legs are not within the enclosed area and score as a miss.
The Bond Girl is a no shoot. Bond Girl hits subtract one for one with Villain Vehicle hits.
Tie goes to the shooter: Any shot that scores both a villain and Bond Girl counts for the shooter. No penalty.
Maximum score is 25 points.

Tiebreaker: Identify the game pieces and name the movie it's taken from. This includes the Bond Girl. My drawing ability, "challenged" as it is, makes this harder than you might think. Any comments on the artistic quality of the game pieces will forfeit all Tiebreaker points.

0: Airgun pistol (.177 CO2 or compressed air)
0.5: Airsoft (shoot at 5 yards)
1: Rimfire pistol, iron sights
2: Rimfire pistol, optic sights
3: Centerfire pistol, iron sights
4: Centerfire pistol, optic sights
5: Rimfire rifle, iron sights
6: Rimfire rifle, optic sights
7: Centerfire rifle, iron sights
8: Centerfire rifle, optic sights
9: other? Shoot it and let me know.

If I can work out a way to print out targets thin enough to be pierced by a an AirSoft pistol but sturdy enough to make it through a printer*, we'll have that class as well. That would allow shooting the contest from the comfort of your living room or garage.

Entries: Enter as many times as you wish, but only one entry per shooter, per gun. As usual, mark target with name, blog, gun details, class and score. Email a scan or photo of the target to sandcastlescrolls-at-msn-dot-com.

: November 30th 11:59PM local

TwoFer: Traction Control still has the October contest open until November 9th. That means for the next 9 days you can shoot both contests at one range trip. alas, the twofer window has closed and TC has published the results. But you still have the rest of November to shoot this match!

Update: Ian Argent notes in the comments while most airsoft pellets are 0.12g, heavier ones are available and punch clean holes. Experimenting here tonight it seems even the 0.12g projectiles will pierce 20# bond paper at 5 yds but leave ragged holes. I'll do some more experimenting and come up with a distance/projectile that works.

* If anyone has already figured this out, do tell! Consider this a bleg.


Ian Argent said...

Use heavier pellets. The .12g pellets will not reliably penetrate the 20# laser printer paper I have. Both .20g and .25g pellets will cleanly penetrate the paper at the ~300 fps my Airsofts (one green gas, one spring) claim as muzzle velocity. At least at up to 20-odd ft (that being the max distance I have in the basement). In fact, both .20g and .25g pellets will penetrate the Dirty Bird color-splash targets I put behind the paper sometimes. Those are light cardstock. Likewise shoot-n-see targets stuck to paper.

I'm using some Crosman .20g "biodegrabales" and a no-name .25g pellet. The heavier pellets are more expensive, but not only have penentration against paper, but seem to shoot more accurately as well.

If you open up a 0.0 class for them at less than 11 yds I'll be shooting both Airsofts. If I can get ahold of some ammo and time (that's the harder one) I'll be shooting a G17L in Class 3 and a P22 in class 1.

Manfred said...

Too bad I couldn't shoot it on last saturday because there was other shooters who shot fun shoot where I had to put the targets.