30 November 2009

November ePostal

I've made my list but need to check it twice. In the meantime lets take a look at the tiebreakers.

First off, the Bond Girl came from the cover art for "For Your Eyes Only". One entry came with a name for the Bond Girl but cited Wikipedia as the source. Pfft... Wikipedia and a nickel still won't get you a cup of coffee.

As previously mentioned, this movie is a favorite for the opening scene.

Clockwise from upper right, the egg shaped object is Blofeld's BathySub from "Diamonds are Forever".

Lower right is a "Death Orb" from MoonRaker. Side note, the term MoonRaker refers to the highest sail on a square rigger ship. From the deck it appeared so high as to "Rake the Moon".

Lower left is Stromberg's Atlantis from "The Spy Who Loved Me" "For Your Eyes Only" (thanks EJ - For some reason I frequently get those two movies mixed up).

Upper left is Zorin's Blimp from "View to a Kill". I expected the "Zorin" tag on the side would make this a gimme

Finally in the center was the Stealth Ship from "Tomorrow Never Dies". This was the hardest to draw as well as hardest to identify. The movie only shows front quarter views. I wanted a side view to expand the target area. It seems pretty clearly a pontoon design with a forepeak ahead of the pontoons. But the aft end is never shown and thus involved some artistic license.

Total tiebreaker points available: 11 But they are only tiebreakers. That means TrueBlueSam's 4 with zero tiebreakers submitted beats my 3 score with perfect 11 tiebreakers (perfect scores are easy when you make up the key)!

It'll take me another day or so to recheck the scoresheet and format it for the web. I will accept entries up until I post scores.

Now I expect most here in North America are saying "'tis too cold for shooting outdoors". But I'm still hoping some equatorial entries. And the SCSon asked about entering... Which brings me to this: If I extended the deadline to next Monday, would I get any entries? (Since I have just published the tiebreakers, all entries from now score tiebreaker = 0)

*I don't recall which images were captured from the cited motion pictures and which were culled from other websites such as universalexports.com If they claim all, I won't quibble. Either way UE is a good resource for all things Bond. I don't think UE was the site that had some of these images and now I can't recall the resource. Rats, I'll keep looking and post attribution when I find it.


Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

Danno, I know it's bad manners to correct the host, but I'm pretty sure Stromberg was in "Spy Who Loved me"

I think the villain from "For Your Eyes Only" was Kristano

Mr. Engineering Johnson said...


The only way I can keep them straight is I know that Bond escaped from Atlantis with the Russian spy in the capsule. Which led to the champagne cork scene.