03 December 2010

I have best job in the world!

As a rule, I do not talk about the dayjob(tm) here beyond the occasional oblique "dayjob" reference.  We have people whose job description includes "corporate mouthpiece" and it's not me.  Instead I keep my trap shut on that subject.  Today I will open it just a crack but you'll have to forgive my lack of details as they could tip off competitors and I can't go there.

I've said "I have the best job" for years.  I know this because every year I sit down in a quiet place and ponder "if I could have any job in the world, what would it be?"  And every year, the answer is "I have it and I'm with the right company".  my day-to-day activities are closely in-line with what I'd otherwise call "play time".  It's an old saying* "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  I think I'm there.  Also, Many companies mouth the words "Our employees make this company what it is" or some such.  The difference is this company actually means and puts it into practice.

Here are the few details I can share without giving too much away: I returned from lunch today to find access to my office blocked by a box nearly as long as my height - a 50" plasma TV (and assorted accessories).  Yea, my current project requires access to a BFTV!  This TV is so big it won't fit in my office.  I'm gonna have to annex an office and move out most of the furnishings to make the space.  On top of that our stock price was up a couple percent today beating the DJIA & NASDAQ handily. Double plus good!

BTW, most people in our section do this stuff at home anyway.  We do this stuff for fun, so the paycheck and office are just a reason to get us out of bed in the morning!

Don't envy me.  Do your own pondering and find your dream job, the job that pays you to do stuff you'd do anyway!  Then you'll never work a day in your life either.  I wish you the same success I've found.

* my internet search for the source of the quote turned up many.  Several cited Confucius.  Some cited others I've never heard of.  Just know it wasn't me.


Jeff said...

What a blessing that you have found something that you enjoy!

My guess is that you are a product tester for a fortune 500 company that produces how to guides such as "How to hook up your 50" plasma TV"!


Oh, and hopefully you are invested in your company stock program!



danno said...

I can neither confirm nor deny....

(And yes I am invested in the company. We all are!)