03 November 2010

October ePostal results

Traction Control has posted the October match results.

Lest you think you can't get to a range to shoot these contests, know this.  I tied for second place, one point out of first, shooting a stock $50 Crosman air pistol and the cheapest .177 pellets I can find.  The range is setup inside my garage.

The pellet trap is $16*.  The swingers are fun but the first set broke before I'd shot through the first tin of 500 pellets.  I also use an old piece of carpet as an extended backstop for shots that miss the trap.

So there you have it...  2nd place with a $50 gun and a range set up in my garage.  If I can tie for second, you can do better!

Manfred is scheduled for the November match but is battling system issues. In the meantime CTD has a zombie match up.  Entries due by Nov 29th.  Stay tuned, it's looking like a two-fer month! 

* Eye protection is absolutely mandatory.  A significant percentage of the shots are reflected back into the garage.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I am thinking of buying one of those for Bea, since she can't go to the range during her Iowa winters. She has a mostly empty stall in her garage, and it would keep her skills up until next spring.

danno said...

I like the convenience but the trigger is not particularly good. Kind of like lending money to a compulsive gambler is a bad investment.

But you can't beat the convenience. It's only about ten steps from my office to the "range" and I can shoot anytime I want. And the crappy trigger might actually be a better training aid than a "crisp" trigger (you don't know when it's going to break so you have to keep it steady...)

IMHO it's $75 (gun, pellets & trap) well spent for a shooter.

Anonymous said...

Well, that pretty much does away with my last excuse to not buy an air pistol.

Does anybody have a preffered brand, perhaps one with a better trigger?



danno said...

I'm wondering now if I've been overly harsh on my criticism of the trigger. It's certainly heavy and it does have a bit of creep. Or is it...

My fish scale shows the trigger break at about 3# with a full load of air (10 pumps), 2 1/2# empty. Nothing wrong with that. It may feel heavier because it's a thinner trigger than my other pistols (1/8" vs 1/4").

OTOH, it's a $50 pistol. The trigger group is almost certainly constructed of stamped metal parts and they probably don't spend a lot of time cleaning up the mating surfaces.

Surfing the interwebs turned up some posts suggesting it may be possible to improve the trigger but I need to do more research before I start grinding metal.

I think the creep is there but I'm not sure how to accurately put a number on it.

By all means, do your research (Caveat Emptor, baby!) My little corner of the 'web doesn't get enough traffic to give your question enough eyeballs. You'd probably have better luck on a specific air gun forum. A quick search turned up "the new Crosman forum" at http://www.network54.com/Forum/275684/

OTOH, a nicer trigger is going to drive the price up. I guess the real question is what do I expect for $50? And I'll call it a fair deal.