07 April 2011

Quotes from the range...

SandCastle Queen: "I'm a Sniper..."
Me: "... With a 3 1/2 inch barrel!"

The SandCastle Crew met up with the good folks at GreatSatanInc for a round of Thursday Night Steel.

Stage 1 (which we shot last) was a "modified Outer Limits" scenario. From box A, hit a circle target at 20 yds and a square at 35.  Then from box B hit a second circle at 20 yds, square at 35 and finally a circular stop plate at 20 yds.

The SandCastle Queen had little trouble even with the 35 yard squares, despite shooting a Sig P225 with a 3.5" barrel.  She just takes her time, lines up the shot and squeezes the trigger.


Every time.

Her stage times are nothing to write home about but who cares?  My uncle plays golf with his wife and never writes anything down on the score card.  He's having fun with his wife so who cares what the number is.  In this case someone else is minding the SCQueen's score card so the time is recorded, but I pointed out she doesn't have to look at the number or care what it means.

"Did you have fun?" "Heck yea... this is a lot more fun than just shooting paper on the main range."

And that's all that counts. 


ExurbanKevin said...

Both you and Great Satan Inc. are blessed to have partners who share your passions.

Mrs. ExKev can shoot and shoot rather well, but she's just not into it like I am.

danno said...

Thanks! I've said it before and I'll say it again "I chose wisely!"

BTW, Part of her interest in the even is the social aspect. We're not just shooting, we're hanging out with friends.

I hope you can rejoin us again soon. Perhaps your SO will come out for the socializ'n. We'd love to have her join us.

CapitalistPig said...

I'm sure that Mz. VRWC wouldn't shoot nearly as much if there wasn't a great social aspect involved. Sure, she likes whipping the tar out of me in a match (shhh, don't tell her, I'm actually quite proud that she can), but the post-match conversation tends to be far more about interactions than shooting analysis.

Perhaps, Mrs. ExKev just needs some time in a bay around a bunch of friendly people. We can arrange for an easy to use XD, holster, etc. to be available for her.