27 June 2011

Easy hint to sales droids...

If you promise a quick stop "just to measure" (after you've already seen other vendor's site measurements) and schedule it for 6pm (around these parts we call it "dinner time"), and then stay until "prime time", don't be surprised when you get a cold response from the person that will eventually write the check.

Think about this for a second... It's her project but I'm the one that gonna write the check. If I introduce myself as "starving" you damn well better hightail it and don't be offended by the slammed door on your way out. You should have GTFO at least 30 mins ago.

But we are a team and she drives a hard bargain. Let me school you in on the obvious. She's already over budget (waaaay over budget) and you're standing between me and dinner. I can work the budget issue, but there is no negotiating with dinner time. That's a bad place to be. '

You should have recognized this when you walked in the door. Yea... you overstayed your welcome. A lot.

If it were my deal, My answer would be:

You caused an awful lot of marital discord tonight. This is not a good business plan.

Hope you're happy.

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