05 June 2011

May ePostal "Necco Mania!" results

Here are the results for the May 2011 ePostal match. Thank you to all that participated!

Shooter Distance Make Caliber Score Notes
Class 1 air pistol Iron Sights

Mr. Borland 7yds IZH 46M 0.177 19 Perfect!

Danno 7yds Crosman 1377 0.177 5

Bea 21 ft Crosman 1377 0.177 4

Class 3 Rim Fire Iron Sights

Bill Llewellen 7yd Ruger Mk I .22LR 16

Mr. Completely 25ft Hi Standard Supermatic Citation 106 .22LR 13

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Mk III .22LR 7

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Danno 11yd Ruger .22/45 .22LR 6 Tie broken by distance

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 6

Danno 11yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 5 Tie broken by distance

Thor 7M Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR 5

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 4

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 4

SCSon 11YD Ruger Single Six .22LR 1 Age 12

Class 5 Centerfire Pistol, Iron Sights

Thor 7M Springfield XD 9mm 11

Thor 7M Springfield XD .45 ACP 5

Class 8 Rimfire Rifle Optic

Danno 25YD Ruger 10/22 .22LR 10

Class 11 Other

SCSon 25YD M1 Carbine .30 Carbine 6 4x scope off the bench

Class 12 Low Ball

Danno 11YD S&W 629 .44 Magnum 1

Normally I don't call a winner.  We had real good entries from the usual suspects,  Billl turned in a 16 and Mr. C forgot his holdover a couple times to score "only" 13.   However Mr Borland turned in a perfect target.  19 shots, 19 targets hit.  Didn't even need the free miss.  I politely inquired about if he'd followed the course of fire.
I confess to having shot it 2-handed. 10m purists would wrench their garments at the sight, so, for them, I shot a second target 1-handed. I pulled one shot a bit and used all 20 pellets. I didn't see any style points being awarded - I figured a 19/19 beats a 19/20, so in it went. 
Nope, no style points.  But I guess if you've spent a significant amount of time shooting air pistol at 10M, shooting 1" dots at 7yds is child's play.   Great Shooting Mr. Borland!  Thanks for entering the match.  Here's the perfect target:

Finally, "Getting Schooled" is up over at Random Nuclear Strikes.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I was feeling pretty good about my 7's... I hope Mr. Borland keeps shooting with us! The target I am planning for September will be a challenge for him, and will be fun for us normal shooters.

MrBorland said...

Thanks, folks! Postal Matches help keep the fundamentals sound - and they're fun, so I enjoy shooting them when I can. I marked TrueBlueSam's September match in my calendar, and am looking forward to it. Thanks for a good one, Danno!