14 June 2011

Talk Radio Gunnie Style

Checking NBC1260 (KBSZ)'s website, I see not only does David Codrea have an hour each weekday morning, they also carry Tom Gresham's GunTalk in real time Sundays 11-2PM and replays again at 6-9PM.

The schedule also shows gun talk at 6-7AM week days.  The picture included shows Tom Gresham so presumably they rerun the Sunday show an hour at a time.  But I'll never know because I'm not generally conscious at that hour.

The 1260AM transmitter is in Apache Junction (35miles east of Phoenix.  The daytime coverage map shows at least "fringe" daytime coverage over the greater phoenix area and surrounding communities.   They also simulcast on 96.1 FM, suggesting a cleaner signal for those closer in.

Thank you NBC1260 for bringing Gun Talk and the War On Guns to the airwaves!

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ExurbanKevin said...

And KKNT is now carrying Armed American Radio. The gunnies are taking over the airwaves!