17 April 2012

Martini Bar Blogmeet

We met a few bloggers at the Martini Bar Thursday evening.  Many were present but I only said hello to a few before we had to leave (JayG, NUGun, Awelownt & "no lawyers, only guns & money" come to mind*.  I know others were there but I didn't have time to make the rounds.

We couldn't stay as we had just dropped off our bags at the hotel and needed to find a store for a few things before closing time.**

It's a nice place but horrendously expensive to park downtown.  The waitress reports she pays $18 to park every night.  Wow, I don't know what she makes but that's gotta make a significant dent in the net.

BTW, here's the reverse angle shot, The Martini Bar from the top of the arch.

* If I've omitted anyone from the Thurs PM meetup, no offense intended.  Please let me know and the error will be corrected.  Please accept the "mybad" in advance.

** IOW the SCQueen was hanging back giving me dagger eyes.  Time to go!

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

LOL, we were all there... :-) Wondered where y'all disappeared to!