18 April 2012

More Safes

Pendleton Safes  has an interesting design.  The central spindle is motorized.  The spindle can be turned left or right via a rocker switch just inside the left door jamb. Worst case you would have to move two guns to get to the one on the inner ring.

Like most safe manufacturers, they see the device not just as a secure storage facility, but as a piece of furniture, intended to be seen and ooh'd and aah'd over.  Pendleton's paint is like something you might see on a six figure supercar.  Prices start at about $5.5k to nearly $7k as shown.
Bartel Armory has an innovative cylindrical design.

The door stows inside the safe when opened, and slides into place when closed.  (note the two holes just below the tumbler.  Rotate that 180 degrees to set or retract the door.)

Once closed, the whole safe can be rotated on it's axis so casual viewers won't even see the tumbler.  They report one customer wants them to paint it to look like a water heater.   Hide in plain sight!

Who said American innovation is dead?

#include "std.disclaimer"  Neither company has provided nor promised any compensation for the mention here.  I don't think we even picked up any swag.

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Old NFO said...

I'm actually looking at one of those... Since it's gonna be in the basement anyway... :-)