13 April 2012

NRA Celebration of American Values

The SandCastle Crew is on the floor and live blogging...

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Chris Cox, NRA ILA executive director.    Calls out the MSM "Look around at who is protecting your 1st amendment rights, even through you disparage our 2nd!"

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry...  Darryl Issa & Chuck Grassley ...  John Bolton will be speaking today

1333 - Wayne LaPierre  on stage  Showing the MSM who the NRA is.  Good people, law abiding, contributors to society.

1343 - Mitt Romney - recognized the contributions of "Working Mom's" and introduces Ann Romney.  Back to Mitt -  NRA a "single issue group", that issue is Freedom.  I wonder if he'll explain how he will protect and defend the 2A?  (Proud Papa moment - The SCSon is working with the press pool and within 30 feet of Mitt taking pictures... Stand by for update)  Photo by The SCSon (AKA Mr. ccbcc), Copyright 2012)

Too many taxes, too many bureaucrats, too much government.    "Economy faltering because the government is too big."  [big cheers].

"I will protect the 2nd amendment rights of the American people" [standing O]

Rousing finish with a final standing O.

1412 Mike Pfieffer, President of Ruger Firearms & Cassie Evans here to present a $1,245,700 check to the NRA- the results of their "Million Gun Challenge"

1415 Newt Gingich -  Interesting.  Mitt got a couple standing O's during his speech, Newt gets one taking the stage!

"Let me speak some positive words about the Obama Administration.  "Good Bye" is pretty positive."

"Day one, sign executive order directing the DOJ to fullly investigate the gun running scandal.

... Sign EO eliminating all WH Czars."

"... open up offshore land and  "So that no American President every again bows to a Saudi King"

Notes the 2A is a pre-existing right, not a right "granted" by the Constitution.  [Standing O]

Would offer up an 2nd Amendment to the US  to guarantee people world wide to defend themselves.

"Second Amendment is a right for all mankind."

Reminds everyone he is still in the race.

Standing O to close...

1434  Rick Santorum - Another Standing on taking the stage.
Importance of family, Bottom up, not a top down society.

[side note..  SCSon was up with the press pool waiting to take pictures up close.  Next reporter asks who he is wirh and explains "blogger",  SCSon asks "who are you with".  "The AP".  "Oh... who are they?"  He was not amused.  I had to explain there is some contention between the old media and new media.]

1453  Gov Matt Blunt - Introducing Dad...

1457 Missouri Senator Roy Blunt -  "Our Constitution is out Constitution, and it means what it says.  And we have to defend it."  Taking about the activist SCOTUS Justices.

1511 John Bolton, former Ambassador to the UN - [Standing O] - "Need a Ronald Reagan approach to Foreign Policy."

"Ronald Reagan was proud to be an American.  Today we have the first  Post American President."

The UN Arms Trade Treaty must be stopped.  They are hoping BO gets re-elected or the incoming administration is not sufficiently organized to stop it.

"OBL killed while BO was President, not because BO was President. "

"President Obama, you are NO Ronald Reagan"

[The SCSon is now about the only one of the few still photographers remaining.  Where there was initiall about 30, now there is only half a dozen.]

1524 Larry Potterfield, Midway USA President   "Thanks for your business".

Larry & family present s check $6,929,025 :from our customers to protect the 2A".   Presumably this is the result of the 12-12-12 program

1529 - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal -
Family values -

"The older you get, the smarter your parents become"
"Because I'm your Father, that's why"
"As long as you live under my roof, you will follow my rules."
"You were born in the greatest country in the  world.  Be proud to be an American."

Lousiana will enact their own 2A to protect
the fundamental freedom to own, keep and bear arms.  Already pass the Senate.

"Ran on Hope and Changer, all he's given us is Borrow and Spend.:

Harlon B Carter awarded to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  (call from the crowd "We are with you Scott").  He's facing a recall on Jun 5th because he's taken on the unions and focused on priorities that would restore America's greatness.

All photos by the SCSon, AKA Mr. ccbcc, C2012.

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